Thewa Innovation customers have been able to introduce new products into the market quickly and cost-effectively over the years, thanks to our expertise and experience in cosmetics, medical devices, biocides and chemicals.  We assist in all stages, with success for our customers in mind.

idea -> product -> legislation > market

If you are a manufacturer, reseller, importer or you just want to have your own new product created from scratch, here is what we have to offer: "We will work with you to achieve a new product which meets your requirements, together with all necessary regulatory work".

Call us for your specific situation, and start immediately the journey towards your dreams.

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Services for Biocides We have the expertise to help your business achieve regulatory compliance for biocidal products. We also offer R&D service for developing new products. Click on the image to read more ...


Cosmetics services Cosmetics related R&D as well as safety assessment are part of our strengths. Click on the image to read  more ...


Environmental contaminants

Chemicals can be useful parts of useful consumer products. We assist in developing such products as well as the related regulatory compliance dossier. Click on the image to read more ...

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

 Medical devices is a challenging area for your business. We are ready to assist you to obtain the regulatory compliance required. Click on the image to read  more ...

Putting it simply, we offer compliance strategy for your products, help you achieve compliance in a timely and cost-effective manner. The inclusion of the R&D department in our service mix has drawn applause from many of our customers, because it helps them save costs, at the same time bringing innovative products to the consumer in a timely fashion.

Start today with contacting us (click), and we will start assisting you immediately to reach your goal in the following stages:

idea > product > legislation > market

Thewa Innovation has the qualification and expertise to assist you in achieving your goals adequately and fast.