From product research through delivery to final destination, Intertek helps you meet established regulatory requirements, manage risk, and expedite time to market.

Thewa Innovation has the regulatory, scientific, toxicological expertise and experience to support your compliance with EU regulation for products which contain chemicals. We work professionally with relevant institutions, to help achieve compliance in the shortest time possible and cost-effectively for our customers.

In order to sell products which contain chemicals - at the same time protecting people's health, animals and the environment - expert guidance provided by Thewa Innovation will make a huge difference for your business.

Regulation and science are constantly changing, and what is a known fact today can have a different meaning or interpretation tomorrow. Keeping track of new information both in science and legislation is important to ensure success.

Our customers benefit from our professionalism and efficiency, which allows them to focus on income generating activities whereas we take care of the regulatory side.

We are well equipped to track and identify potential impact of any such evolution of events for your products and we provide suggestions for relevant innovation.

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