As a cosmetic manufacturer or distributor you are confronted with several regulations. In the EU, if you wish to sell cosmetic products you must comply with the current Cosmetic Products Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.



Thewa Innovation supplies the following services:

  • regulatory consulting,
  • safety assessment,
  • product information file,
  • CPNP notification,
  • innovative formula development,
  • formula improvement of existing products

We have the qualification, expertise and experience in chemistry and we are specialized in cosmetics science, which has helped many of our customers to obtain both unique formulas of their products as well as regulatory compliance. We work cost-effectively and in the shortest time possible.

The knowledge we acquired over the years allows us to quickly identify the interaction between the skin and the product ingredients. To enable you to continue your business without worrying about challenges posed to you by regulation changes and/or scientific evolutions, our team with many capacities is set to correctly and timely support you.

Our customers benefit from our professionalism and efficiency, which allows them to focus on income generating activities whereas we take care of the regulatory side.

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