Creating ProductsThewa Innovation has the knowledge, experience and resources for researching and developing cosmetics, medical devices, biocides, and other consumer products like detergents, etc.

We innovate together with our customer who wants to convert an idea of a new product into a real marketable product. The wish and imagination of our customer transforms into being. Our best moment is when we finally see the smile on our customer's face, as the product takes its last shape, ready to roll into the production line.

Our customers are content with our R&D department, in particular because of our commitment to professionalism. We are accountable for our promises and our actions. Keeping customer confidentiality is as important to us as developing the product itself. Our customers recognize and value that.

Another point in time when businesses call for our assistance, is when they want to address regulatory issues right from the earliest stage of product development. Our customers usually have their own R&D but still choose this option with us, because they want to make use of our wide experience in this field, which ensures the launching of new products is not delayed by regulatory issues. This also minimizes the chances of reworks on the products after the initial launching, which can save immensely on costs.

Thewa Innovation has experts who bring passion, knowledge and experience into the process of the forming of a product idea to a real product. These experts will work with your company to help your dream for a new or innovative product come true.

Customers who call us for R&D are mainly looking for:

  • Our skills and expertise in the process from the concept stage to the realisation of a new product,
  • Assistance in stabilizing an existing but unstable product, which is already on the market,
  • Scientific and technological assistance for producers of raw materials who want to reach a higher level,
  • A way to achieve results faster and at reasonable costs.

If you experience similar challenges, feel free to contact us (click), to turn your idea into a product.