The company was founded in 2009, as "Thewa Innovation", by a Chemist and Cosmetologist and Regulatory Consultant, Ewa Delezuch-Ntambala who can rely on back-end support from her husband and friend, Thadeo Ntambala. Both are advocates of innovation and creativity, a combination which brought a new name into life - "Th-ewa Innovation". We provide Research & Development as well as Regulatory Compliance services for companies who are in the process of introducing new products within the EU territory.

"My very first cosmetic product took shape in the laboratory of the Warsaw University of Technology, in the 90's, while supporting a consulting company. It was a product completely new to the market. This, together with the patent I acquired later on for "the biotechnological process for new raw materials", gave me satisfaction and a push for success ..." Ewa explains, with enthusiasm...

After being employed in the industry for many years, Ewa started her own business as a consultant in 2009. The idea of bringing innovative products to a wider consumer population, was kept alive and resurfaced at the right moment, again starting with low cost experiments in the kitchen. The company has since grown from a single employment to having employees, partners, and a wide range of customers, where we now deliver high-end services in R&D and Regulatory Compliance.

Our experience in science which assists in launching consumer products such as cosmetics, biocides, medical devices and chemical products onto the market, has also enabled us to support manufacturers and resellers to achieve compliance with EU legislation.
Thanks to our long active role in the industry, we have been able to see both sides of the equation, starting from research and production up to achieving Regulatory Compliance in order to sell a new product onto the EU market and the world at large. This has enabled our customers to introduce new products quickly into the market.
Our physical location is Almere, The Netherlands, a beautiful location which allows us to launch our operations in Europe and beyond.
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